About Me

My name is Patrick Lindsey.  I have been in the Information technology field since 1989.  It all started in the United States Army where I was trained to be a electronic communications specialist.  My first duty station was the 312th Military Intelligence, 1st Calvary Division, Fort Hood Texas.  From 1990-1991 I served in three campaigns which were Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Desert Calm.  I maintained communications in a very high stress environment, so I know how to deal with pressure.  It was an interesting time to be alive!  After serving 8 years in the regular Army, I was a part of the National Guard where I ran a communications shop in Brownwood Texas.  During this time I started a technology company names Lindsey Systems.  We had three core functions:  Dial up Internet Service, Small Business Network establishment and maintenance and PC Repair.  Since that time in my life, I have worn many hats and tried many things that were not specifically related to IT. Over time I have always been abreast of the changes in the IT World and my how it has changed!  Recently I decided to start Patrick Today! a for profit company which provides IT Consultation and Services.  I am gifted and talented at learning, implementing and then teaching new technologies.  I am known for my patience when instructing/servicing others.

Today I am married to my beautiful and loving wife Renae Lindsey.  We have two grown children who are both wonderful in their own unique way.

 I hope you will get to know me better.  I am a little old fashioned.  I was taught to stand when shaking another person’s hand.  I also believe in the power of in personal relationships, and that this business will be built one customer at a time.

Thank you for stopping by.